At Signature Print & Promo we have over 40 years of combined experience in commercial printing, promotional products, graphic design, packaging, signage, marketing materials and project execution.

Knowing Our Customers

This industry is based on relationships. We strive to be your first and only choice for all your printing, design and promotional needs. How do we do that? We make it a goal to know everything there is to know about your business. Who are your customers? What do you sell? How do you market your products or services? Knowing this information allows us to assist in the purchasing process. With our expertise we can guide our customer to the product or products that best fit the message you want to communicate.

Customer Service

We realize many times we are offering the same products and services as our competitors. The honest difference is our commitment to excellent customer service. We make each interaction positive and to provide our customers with the confidence their project is being handled quickly, thoroughly and accurately. We understand the importance of keeping the customer informed during the production process and following up until the project has been completed. We work hard to meet all deadlines and we’re your advocate when dealing with suppliers.

Printing and Packaging

We understand the importance of making the right print product decision and engaging the right manufacturer and equipment. This will ensure we accomplish your goals timely and cost effectively. It’s not just about putting ink on paper. Choosing the right paper and print processes are just a few of the variables that can affect the success of your project.  Whether we assist in the design of your printed piece or just handle a reprint, each project is scrutinized to make sure you are getting the best quality at the best price.

Promotional Products

With access to literally millions of promotional products both domestic and overseas, we use the latest technology to help identify the best products at the lowest prices from the right suppliers. From inexpensive giveaways to executive awards and everything in between, choosing items that convey your message effectively is crucial. Everyone wants to know “what’s new?” We are continually educating ourselves on the newest and hottest promotional products available in the market. We can provide virtual product designs, product samples and prototypes. Click here to search for promotional products, or let us do the work for you.


Our web-based commerce sites offer total access to your products from anywhere in the world. You can sign on from our homepage or your Intranet site. Log in, place your order, check out and go. Sites provide product images, detailed descriptions, inventory levels, pricing and more. You can check out using a credit card, purchase order or both. Each site is built specifically for you and allows for access restrictions, order authorizations, notifications, inventory releases and much more. Your sites are secure, interactive and easy to navigate using a shopping cart checkout environment. Connect several of your locations to allow for central purchasing, giving you brand consistency and buying power.

Graphic Design

Knowing print production is crucial in the design of projects. Experience in design is not always enough. Understanding how your project will be produced allows us to design accurately to ensure successful execution. Getting it right quicker saves time and money. Our design department has years of experience with everything from logo design and marketing collateral to packaging and more. Whether you need full design services or file preflight, we are capable, creative and committed to excellence.

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With our expertise we can guide our customer to the product or products that best fit the message you want to communicate Give us a call and let’s get to work!

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